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Food industry guide

How can you ensure successful technology adoption for the food industry?

New technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), automation and machine learning are all offering practical solutions to food businesses as supply chains and logistics continue to grow.

Although it can be hard to take any positives from 2020, we learnt that the food and drink sector have the means and drive to be agile. For example, food tech companies are consistently delivering new solutions and ideas to their customers through software, giving them what they want, how they want and when they want it.

In our guide, we cover what technology adoption for food businesses has looked like in the past 12 months, what advanced technology is coming and how you can successfully adopt technology.

An overview of our findings were:

  • A record breaking £1.2 billion was spent online purchasing groceries in the UK between April and May 2020, highlighting the major consumer shift towards e-commerce
  • Today’s consumers want everything now, quickly, easily, cheaply. Any company that can tap into this is going to attract business
  • Robotics and machinery are helping businesses improve line efficiency, maximise ingredient usage and enhance food safety while reducing the risk of any human-related errors
  • But this doesn’t mean you’ll need to replace your team with robots or machines – in fact, their time can be freed up so they can focus on the creative and fulfilling tasks
  • Once you’re ready to adopt technology, get your team involved from the very start and maintain their buy-in. That way, you can dispel the myth that they’re going to be replaced
  • Invest in an industry-specific system and reap the rewards of increased functionality compared to a generic solution. You’ll gain access to accurate information in your supply chain and a better overview of your business operations

Read about all of this (and more) in detail by clicking the button below.

Technology adoption guide for food businesses

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