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B2B e-Commerce explained

Selling online isn’t just for retailers – and it hasn’t been for a while...

In fact, 86% of B2B companies report that they now sell online to clients who previously purchased exclusively offline.

Digital transformation has normalised online sales for B2B clients with more businesses joining the online fold every day.
If you’re thinking about implementing an online sales solution for your business, you’re likely wondering where to get started.

That’s why we’re shedding some light on the essential B2B e-Commerce topics:

  • Digital trends and their impact on B2B businesses
  • The benefits of e-Commerce technology
  • How to roll out a smart, lucrative and sustainable online sales channel

If you’re just getting started on your B2B e-Commerce journey, this webinar is the perfect way to start getting familiar with the world of B2B e-Commerce.

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