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Accelerate your operations with Microsoft Power Platform

The business that survives is the one most able to adapt fast to a changing world. Our range of lean business accelerators combine the passion and innovation of your people with the latest cloud based tools, bringing ideas from whiteboard to reality in mere days.

Don’t just roll with the punches, come out fighting...

A platform for innovation

Microsoft’s Power Platform enables operational teams to rapidly enhance their capabilities, by transforming them into citizen developers.



Power Platform allows teams to:

  • Rapidly build, low code/no code solutions to address business pains
  • Securely store business data in a central cloud-based hub
  • Integrate apps with line of business applications via simple workflows
  • Create stunning data visualisation and reveal hidden insights
  • Enable functionality, wherever it’s needed on any device

And because the tools live in the secure Microsoft cloud, you simply switch on and go, in the same familiar way as any Microsoft 365 service.

Control the revolution

The tools are quick and easy to implement for all, but that doesn’t mean compromising on proper lifecycle management.

Power Platform supports:

  • Separation of testing and live systems
  • Promotion of apps from dev through test to live
  • Test management via industry standard tools like Azure Devops
  • Security that integrates into what you already have

Enable lean change for any industry need

At Columbus, our goal is to enable your operational team in the use of the Power Platform and get the innovation engine firing on all cylinders fast.

Typical audiences for enablement are:

  • Process engineers
  • Quality controllers
  • Warehouse managers

We can go from covering the basics to helping you go live in days, once you have access to our experienced industry consultants and technical gurus. We speak your language and it’s rare that we face a problem that we haven’t seen before.

Select only what you need…

We know that not every organisation will want to roll out their citizen developer programme in the same way. Pick what suits your team best from a range of options.


Struggling to kick change off and make it stick? We have the answer…

Change in business is most effective when enabled by clear leadership and a team of agents at the coal face who buy in to the need to do things differently. If you plan not just survive, but to thrive; contact us today and we’ll begin your journey into lean innovation with the Power Platform.


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Why not subscribe to our podcast? In the latest episode we cover the use of the Power Platform in manufacturing and distribution scenarios with Alex Whitfield a Senior Industry Consultant at Columbus UK.

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Martin Clothier

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