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About Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans are Swedish denim brand that was founded in 2001. The company have stores in 30 countries around the world, with concept stores in; Gothenburg, Stockholm, London, Zurich, Barcelona, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Los Angeles.


  • Flexible launch of new markets
  • Reduced planning time by half
  • Increased control over the production, warehouse and logistics

With a new business system that allows for faster product development and shorter lead times, Nudie's goal was set on a wider range of products and global growth.

Nudie's passion for jeans has enabled great success worldwide. In 2015 it was time to gear up for an ERP system that could better meet the demands of the fashion industry and the growing needs of the company. Infor M3 was the system they decided would best suit their needs. Thanks to an agile system and industry knowledge, alongside experience from many other similar installations in the fashion industry, Columbus were trusted with the project and therefore successfully implemented the system in 2015, following with a further upgrade in 2017.


Three challenges

Nudie Jeans had three main challenges which were similar to many other businesses in the fashion industry.

1. Growing international demands with a flexible system

To be able to smoothly manage new markets, suppliers, and partners as a necessity for any company growing globally. When orders are made in one country to a supplier in another nation, and the products need to be delivered to a third international destination, you need a business system that functions globally. Whilst also providing support for managing value-added tax and keep functioning today and tomorrow, regardless of how the organisation and its logistics change.

2. The volume of products challenges the organisation and its procedures

Due to the challenges the fashion industry face, such as; changing consumer trends, product colour ranges, and diverse garment sizes – huge volumes of products must be handled. Thus, without the right business system that can maintain and monitor data for production, stock, logistics and sales, efficient operations would be near impossible.

3. Short seasons demand proper planning

Another fashion-specific factor is how short product life cycles are. Short seasons demand efficient management of entire product groups. Small errors can have a negative impact on profitability, causing dissatisfaction amongst both retailers and their customers.

The solution: A business system built for the needs of the fashion industry

Nudie Jeans installed the Infor M3 Fashion ERP, an industry-specific M3 configuration, in which, they created integrations with their existing store system, and third-party logistics systems – a flexible solution that could be easily expanded as the organisation grows. As Eva-Maria Lundquist states: "Now, Nudie could close the books faster, and increase transparency. Seasonal management is a built-in function, with positive effects and greater control over production, stocks, and logistics."

The complex product assortment is managed using attributes that are added to each item. This facilitates the monitoring of how many jeans of each size are currently out in their stores.

Next Step: Infor M3 13.4 Upgrading Project

Nudie Jeans upgraded their systems with the available new versions, using any additional features to Version 13.4, while they ran users across 30 stores and 8 divisions in Europe, USA and Australia. The servers they own were hosted by an external technology provider.

M3 and Cloud Suite Strategic Roadmap

Nudie Jeans saw this upgrade as a good opportunity to switch to a supported version until at least 2019. If other functions, such as workflow are needed Nudie Jeans were prepared to connect to Infor's own technical platform XI. Currently, having no plans to upgrade to the Cloud Suite.

What was learnt during the project?
- A clear internal project team with clear milestones must be identified to document what is expected of project participants.
- Reconciliation meetings must take place internally every other week with instructions regarding weekly preparations.
- The need to gradually introduce reconciliation meetings with Columbus consultants to optimise the work on open issues.
- To make early contact with external suppliers to ensure resources.


Company and products

The company Nudie Jeans were founded during 2001, in Götheborg, by Maria Erixon Levin, and owned by Maria Erixon Levin, Joakim Levin, and Palle Stenberg.

Today the companies head office is in Göteborg, with 65 employees, and covers all aspects of the business of selling textile products all the way from design to distribution. Nudie Jeans products are of high quality and made in a fair way. The company offer free repair services in Repair Shops, whilst also selling Nudie Jeans as second-hand products and recycle worn-out commodities. They run their own online shop in which the products are sold within 1500 multi-brand retailer doors worldwide. Since 2012, products have been made with 100% organic cotton denim, acting with also social responsibility, and transparent production methods. Nudie Jeans are a premium denim brand for the everyday user and have therefore succeeded with their passion across the world.

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