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Introducing SpaceMAX IoT

Utilise the power of the cloud and IoT to gain valuable insights into space and motion on your shop floor or in your warehouse.

Space is costly and precious to businesses, so you need to know if you are utilising it optimally. Do you know where your shop floor or warehouse bottlenecks are so you can improve efficient workflow?

The small details can mean a lot when it comes to increasing efficiencies and reducing costs within your organisation. Columbus' SpaceMax solution combines the insights from IoT sensors and business intelligence to deploy a digital time and motion study that will record the information you need to ensure you are maximising space and employee productivity.

SpaceMax IoT will help your organisation to:

  • Reduce cost in rent, power and heating.
  • Drive process efficiencies by removing waste.
  • Improve quality by making sure the correct movements around the production flow are followed.
  • Maximise sales by understanding how customers are moving around your showroom.

Want to learn more? Download the factsheet below.

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