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Is your B2B e-commerce strategy working?

Are you getting the results you envisioned? Watch our webinar, available on-demand, and prepare to question your e-commerce strategy...

Is your B2B e-commerce strategy working as it should and you're getting the results you wanted? Or is it working full stop?

In this webinar, you can learn more about:

  • Where B2B and B2C e-commerce strategies overlap, if at all and how the two can take inspiration from each other
  • The difficulties presented by the 'business as usual' approach and how to navigate them
  • The recipes to e-commerce success, including the top tactics to adopt and the mistakes to avoid
  • The areas B2B businesses need to be focusing on to improve their e-commerce performance

Watch the webinar:


A little about our speakers...

JBAKJames Baker

Senior Digital Customer Experience Lead at Columbus

With deep experience across high street retail, D2C and B2B space, James specialises in providing senior level product ownership. He leads agile digital teams that deliver improved ROI, acquisition and retention through innovative product thinking and a drive to improve CX across the omnichannel mix. 

Nazanin Epi headshotNazanin Ramezani

Senior Product Evangelist at Episerver

Naz is an experienced strategist who has spent her career driving smart growth for customers by helping them navigate the digital landscape. She specialises in growing the digital maturity of B2B companies and is in charge of the global expansion and adoption of Episerver B2B Commerce.


Thamar Nazir

Digital Transformation Manager at Columbus


Our data and analytics specialist Thamar is experienced in helping companies digitally transform. He works mainly in the e-commerce landscape, with extensive solutions knowledge of CRM, CMS, PIM and the full Microsoft stack in particular.

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