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Helping Origin Enterprises deliver growth through agronomy and innovation 

Agri-services group Origin Enterprises lacked a unified ERP system. Here's why Microsoft Dynamics and a partnership with Columbus was the right choice.

Origin Enterprises had been using standalone applications for some time. While this approach had served the business well in the past, the technology was outdated. According to Chief Information Officer, Derek Wilson: "It had become very clear that we weren’t capitalising on what new technology could offer - either to us or to our customers."

So, Origin began conducting a survey of the ERP marketplace, searching for a new system - something to unify all of that data and boost overall efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics was the winner, being the platform that could meet all of the Origin businesses' unique requirements.

As for the partner who could best help Origin implement the new platform, Columbus stood out as being, by far, the best fit. 

Want to read more details about Origin, their needs for a futureproofed business and how we helped them? Click the button below to read the full case study. You'll discover:

  • Exactly what Origin was struggling with.
  • Precisely what they were looking for in a solution and partner.
  • Why Microsoft Dynamics and Columbus met the criteria.
  • How we helped, including the development of a purpose-built distribution app that integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics system.
  • How we can help other businesses.

Read the case study

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