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Maximise the value of your data

Any data, any way, anywhere...

Book your training session with us to discover how to extract the value from your data and turn it into actionable insights, wherever you are, in just minutes with Power BI!

For over a decade, Gartner has named Microsoft as the leader in analytics and business intelligence - are you taking advantage of their continued innovation?

If not, you should be. 

You can easily get started with Power BI today by signing up for one of our two day Power BI introductory training sessions; we will show you how using data will improve your business productivity and enhance efficiency.

Where? We will come to you

When? Whenever is best (the sooner the better)

Cost? £1,900 for the two day training course

Here is what we will cover:

What is Microsoft Power BI

  • Understanding the Power BI environment

Exploring Power BI Desktop

  • Using report view to create visualisations
  • Using the Data view to sort and format data
  • Using the relationship view to manage relationships 

Understanding Data sources in Power BI

  • Overview of available data sources

Using Queries in Power BI Desktop

  • Understanding the role of Queries in data import
  • Understanding Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)
  • Exploring a variety of data transformations
  • Working with Applied Steps

Creating a Data Model in Power BI Desktop

  • Understanding the Data Model
  • Using Relationships View
  • Creating Many-to-One relationships.
  • Row level security

 Introduction to DAX in Power BI Desktop

  • Exploring the importance of custom calculations within the data model
  • Creating Calculated Column
  • Creating simple Measures to summarise data

Visualisations Workshop using Power BI Desktop

  • Adding visualisations to the Report Canvas
  • Understanding and controlling interactions between visualisations
  • Using Drilldown and Drill Through on visualisations
  • Creating and using Hierarchies
  • Understanding Summarization options Importing Custom Visualisations
  • Creating and using tooltip

Exploring Power BI Service

  • Publish your Report to PowerBI.com
  • Creating Dashboards
  • How to Share your Interactive Power BI Dashboards with people both inside  your organisation

Apps & Content packs

  • Benefits of using Apps over content packs
  • Creating Organisation Apps
  • Creating organisation content packs
  • Connecting to Cloud based Apps

Data Refresh

  • Manually refreshing data
  • Creating a Scheduled Refresh

Are you ready to get started with Power bi?

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