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Where's the manufacturing industry heading?

Once, you were winning if you had digitalised your operations. Now, it's a race to see who does it best. Is your business up for the challenge?

What will the manufacturing industry look like in 2021? What does it look like right now? And does 'digital transformation' or 'digitalisation' actually mean?

In our report, we examine the manufacturing industry, from its current state to what it will look like in the future. We did this by reviewing recent surveys and studies from credible sources including PwC and The Manufacturer and speaking to industry experts to get their insight.

Overall, we found that:

  • Digitalisation is sweeping across businesses, making it the norm so it's no longer a choice of whether you should do it - it's how quickly you do so
  • Despite this, digitalisation is still rather gradual as it's based on immediate need/demand. But the piecemeal approach isn't the most advisable path as recent health and political-related events have proved. The less digitalised your business is, the more difficult it can be to mitigate the impact caused by unpredictable events
  • Most manufacturers don't know the extent of opportunities available to them when it comes to digitalisation. Most IT-related terms (like AI and Cognitive Services) are too ambiguous and rarely fully explained
  • For a successful transformation, you need to focus on your people, processes and technology. Get your people onboard and empower them with knowledge, analyse your processes to see where you can improve and find the right tech to fit

Our report covers all of the above in more depth, plus what digital transformation should mean to the industry. And this is all alongside some exclusive recommendations and tips from experts in manufacturing and technology. Interested? 

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How will manufacturing change?

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