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How to avoid your worst imaginable Monday morning...

In this guide, we look at a fictional worst-case scenario of a business that hasn't invested in getting the most from their shop floor data assets and how to avoid it.

Imagine the scene. You’ve just returned from THE most relaxing vacation you’ve had in a long time. Totally refreshed, you arrive at work invigorated and ready to face whatever challenge may come your way.

Then you notice the pallets of stock backing up from the doors of the staging area at the end of the production line and realise something is very wrong. This type of scenario can only mean one thing... equipment breakdown.

Within your manufacturing and warehousing operations, lies a hidden goldmine of data, that if properly leveraged could be the key to avoiding plant breakdowns and the knock-on effect to customer satisfaction.

In this guide, we examine this fictional (but recognisable) scenario in detail and examine:

  • How enriching telemetry from manufacturing operations can bring huge benefits.
  • Why data could be the key to tuning your efficiency KPIs to the next level.
  • When to use Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning to proactively prevent loss of uptime.

Discover the power of digital transformation for manufacturing

Being proactive is one of the best habits a manager can develop in themselves and their teams, but seeing into the future accurately? That’s beyond most production planners... or is it?


Our guide will tell you...

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