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Creating a Better Supply Chain

A Guide to Building End-to-End Resiliency

The global supply chain is vulnerable. According to Gartner, almost 70% of supply chain professionals have been responding to disruptions since 2019.  

Companies that lack intelligent supply chain management technology have felt these disruptions especially hard. Without real-time insights, these businesses don’t see critical vulnerabilities in their chain of supply, which means they lack the agility and resiliency needed to weather disruptions at any level.  

End-to-end visibility is the foundation for a strong supply chain. The future of supply chains lies in digitalization and advancements in technology. This e-book provides a deep dive into the challenges that companies are facing today with their supply chains, from lack of visibility to the consequences of unclear communication and messy warehouses.  

We also provide a comprehensive view of how Microsoft tools – including Supply Chain Insights, Cloud for Manufacturing and more – can alleviate these pain points. Armed with automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other cutting-edge technology, your company can become the resilient competitor it’s meant to be – able to tackle any potential disruption that comes along. 

To learn how to build a better, more reliable supply chain with the help of Microsoft tools, download our latest (free) e-book by simply filling out the form. 

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