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ERP Equipment Rentals

Columbus has created the ideal ERP for equipment rentals and it will improve your profit margin. Our software will help your business make the necessary changes while customer demand changes over time, so your profits will be on target in the future.

There are numerous processes that are used to make sure a business runs as smoothly as possible. It can be hard to keep track of all of them and what they do. Accounting, inventory, ordering, and customer relationship management are just a few of the systems to keep in order when trying to run your business. One way to do this is through Enterprise Resource Planning, also known simply as ERP. Columbus Global offers several services you can use for your business, including ERP equipment rentals

What Is Enterprise Resource Planning?

While Enterprise Resource Planning is a valuable system to help run your business, there are some people who don’t really know what it is or what it does. ERP is meant to streamline all aspects of your business, which can make it more profitable, efficient, and effective. All of the systems used to manage and keep track of your business will be aligned in one place, making the act of operating your business easier and simpler.

What Defines ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning is often defined by having three qualities; visibility, functionality, and availability.

Visible, Functional, Available

You will be able to see each and every operation of your business in one place, allowing you to easily analyze everything. ERP will also functionalize your business by optimizing your business’s processes and functions. This optimization allows you to run your business in a more effective and efficient manner. Enterprise Resource Planning is also easily available, and updates in real-time. You can access all of the aspects of your business whenever you need to, anywhere in the world, even if you have to do it offline. By going through the Columbus ERP rental, you will be able to benefit from the three main aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning.

Why Do I Need An ERP for an Equipment Rental Company?

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are designed differently, and some have already become outdated because of how rapidly technology is evolving and changing. There are some ERP businesses that tend to be rigid and inflexible, therefore, they cannot change with advancing technology. Other ERP software companies, like Columbus, do adjust and change as new technologies come along. This makes Columbus and other similar companies the first choice when it comes to ERP equipment rentals. They are able to streamline and integrate every aspect of your business, and likely help your business save money in the long run.


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