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ERP for Food Industry

We offer a wide range of solutions to ensure your company's future is bright. We can help you deliver your product to the world in a way that proves your commitment to food safety, sustainability and transparency, reducing your costs along the way.

Just Eat is an establishment that has grown from having five branches in Denmark to sustaining global impact in the food industry. Currently, Just Eat has a positive effect on 12 markets around the globe, due to a combination of its product’s qualities and a robust online marketing system.

Weetabix is a household name for the more significant percentage of the world’s populace. The business model of the firm is unshakeable and adaptive to the drastic changes in online business technology. Are you wondering how these two food industries have managed to keep a practical relevance for decades?

The answer is that they have an easily customizable business operation that integrates every new upgrade of the ERP system. More importantly, they understood which criterion would deliver an ERP that marries their business mission and vision with ease.

How to choose ERP for the food industry

Specific customization for the food industry

Implementing a general ERP for the food industry will require additional work to optimize the operation for particular goals. Additionally, an ERP system for the baking niche will be vastly different from one of the raw food contents. 

ERP systems for the food industry address the specifics of each operational aspect. Columbus Global caters to a wide array of niches and has over 2000 employees across the globe to help with the implementation of the software.


The specificity of an ERP system will not matter if it cannot process a versatile array of tasks. The right ERP will touch all departments of the firm. You should not have isolated pools of work when you have functions that have easy integration and intercommunication. The innumerable interfaces will recollect all entry points to give you a comprehensive report on any query or operation.


Columbus Global manages to stay in business for one decade to the next by embracing the spirit of Columbus. We value innovativeness and creativity that merges with the modernity of technology and the business’ vision. We work with your management to provide a solution that will have easy extensibility in the end.


The food industry has plenty of moving parts. The purchase of raw ingredients requires extensive data recording. The staff of the food firm needs access to the platform to update the results of their processes. A reliable system will patch all the data and maintain smoothness despite constant usage by the maximum number of users allowed on the platform.


The basis of an ERP for the food industry is the automation of tasks that manage quality. A well-managed manufacturing process will maintain the initial plans of the procedures and give accurate quality management results.

International usability

The relevance of software stops when the language is no longer comprehensible by the end-users. Columbus Global lives up to its name of exploration by providing language options that cater to all the countries of operation. The different currencies in the system allow businesses to manage all financial aspects without requiring an external currency converter. These facts mean that you can trust your business will have access to the same ERP for food industry when you expand beyond the borders of the headquarter office.


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