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ColumbusFood is a leading ERP solution for meat processors

“The product is very robust. The tiered structure allows us to take our own changes and be certain that they can work together.” - Fairfax Meadow

If you are a meat processor or distributor focused on production, packing, preservation and marketing meat, your product travels through a complex supply chain. How does your business adapt its technology to keep up pace with innovation, while meeting the needs of your customers?

Focus on your business. Meet customer requirements

ColumbusFood for Meat provides a flexible, layered development approach to meet the special needs of meat processors and distributors. Now you’ll be able to calculate growth calendars, manage complex sales promotions and fulfill tracking regulations. Tight integrations with other essential business applications like e-commerce, CRM and analytics, and provide end-to-end capabilities across your entire business.

Delivering results-oriented functionality

The ERP for meat delivers on superior quality control, efficient planning and scheduling, accurate inventory management and better analytics.

  • Respond quickly to market and consumer demand with business insights powered by analytics
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through order accuracy and higher fulfillment rates
  • Improve quality control by tracking products in cases and actual pounds throughout the system
  • Promote collaboration across your supply chain with increased visibility
  • Maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate risks associated with product recalls
  • Track profitability with easy promo, rebate and commission management       

Meet industry requirements out-of-the-box with basic system configuration

ColumbusFood for Meat is an industry-specific ERP solution designed to help you maintain the quality your customers expect. With deep industry knowledge and a feature-rich functionality suite, ColumbusFood can be deployed on-premise and in the cloud. These key features allow you to focus on your business.

  • Automatic tracking of products with an age-based formula
  • Ability to capture actual product weight and two units of measure simultaneously with each transaction
  • Management of commodity costing and payment
  • Co-product and by-product production and costing management
  • Automated collection of multiple types of process data throughout the production floor
  • Delivery trip management to easily set up trips and manage orders and more.
  • Lot traceability from raw material receipts to sale of lots
  • Quality control for raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods.

ColumbusFood has helped food producers and distributors meet their goals for growth and competitiveness for more than 30 years. Take the next step with ColumbusFood for Meat.

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