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On-Demand Webinar

How to ensure your IT strategy supports your business

How can executives ensure that their technology supports their business? Embracing IT to improve business strategy, control costs, and reduce risk—can it be that simple?

It can! In an evolving world it's more and more difficult to run a successful business without a well thought out IT strategy.

Check out our 40 minute webinar to discover how digital transformation continues to drive business trends, and IT strategy is moving out of the shadows to become a key part of strategic business planning. Get the answers to:

  • Why focus on IT strategy?
  • What worries decision makers in their business, and how can an IT plan help?
  • What's next for your IT strategy?

Join us for an overview of strategy, risk, and planning for integrating IT into your business strategy, and see how these can help you take control of your technology and create a sound IT plan.

Meet the Presenter:


Kevin Dwyer

Infrastructure Solution Manager



Kevin Dwyer is a cloud computing and managed services advocate with a diverse background in the arts, industrial manufacturing, organization building, and business development. For eighteen years, he’s improved outcomes, diminished risk, and reduced costs for his clients. He builds powerful client relationships through conscientious listening, empathy, and a thorough grasp of business.

Kevin approaches every opportunity with curiosity and a strong desire to help. He advocates for his clients and has solved problems that run from the technical to the abstract. A strong believer in teamwork and persistence, Kevin brings passion and enthusiasm to his work providing IT solutions for the modern workplace.

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