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Food Distribution ERP

Our services are the key to your company's successful future in the food distribution industry.

The food and beverage industry is widely growing. Like others, the industry faces a furious competition. Therefore, players in the industry must ensure that they operate at full capacity to compete with tons of product categories. In order to provide the best process visibility, players must implement a food ERP system to meet stringent requirements and avoid delays during product recalls. In this post, we’ll share with you some knowledge with regards to the implementation food ERP system. 


What are the Challenges Facing the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry?

Food Safety and Quality

Food and beverage products are made for consumption. Therefore, product safety must be of the utmost importance when considering the increasing number of food poisoning outbreaks around the world. 

Government Regulations

The food and beverage manufacturing industry are highly regulated. Extensive reporting on manufacturing processes and assurances of adequate packaging, distribution, as well as traceability process controls are required.  

Consumer Requirements

The number of consumers looking for a more healthy and natural eating lifestyle is on the rise. Therefore, manufacturers in the industry have to be more flexible now than ever before as the demand for high quality frozen and fresh products increases.


Why the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry Need ERP Software

Food and beverage manufacturing is a complex industry. Finding the ideal balance between the challenges identified above requires proper planning and execution. Having a manufacturing ERP system in place will ensure that the plan, recipe control, inventory management, and much more function properly.


Benefits of Using ERP Solution

Better Inventory Management

As a food manufacturer, it’s vital to monitor your range of criteria and dates carefully. Spoilage and missed/lost sales can damage your bottom line. Food distribution ERP system allows you to anticipate demand, driven by factors such as trends, pricing, stock, production, and adjust procurement.

Happier Consumers 

You are helping your customer to make the correct decisions by educating them and giving them the right information. The information should emphasize the authenticity of your brand. 


Food quality is a big concern, along with food safety. Supplying items of high quality is vital to building a sustainable business and maintaining your reputation. An ERP system can help you monitor and analyze all of the variables that can influence product quality. 

Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory bodies expect tighter controls within the operations with the increase in compliance. An ERP system can help you to improve your compliance and give more accurate detailed reports to regulatory bodies.

Safer Products

It is important to be able to identify the source of the problem and act quickly in the event of malicious. ERP system gives you the needed tools to carry out a thorough investigation, with all of the facts easily available.  

In Summary

There are so many challenges facing the food and beverage manufacturers today. But with the right tools, you can tackle these challenges, and that’s why investing in an ERP system is a wise decision. If you’d like more information on manufacturing ERP software for the food and beverage industry, please contact Columbus global today.


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