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Food ERP System

We know that costs are always the primary focus of any growing company, and we'll keep your bottom line in sight along the way.

The volume of activity in your company will dictate how well you can manage while generating proper revenue and sustainable business. The administrative tasks are challenging to integrate into standard software. It becomes essential to assign fitting roles to staff and still maintain a competitive quality evaluation system in the food industry.

The beginning of implementing an ERP software is when you realize that the business may be following shortly. The firm will be far behind other competitive candidates in the worst-case scenario. The following tips are easy guidelines on whether a food ERP system will be a suitable solution.

Signs you need to relook at your food ERP

  • Inconsistencies of reports from the same department of the firm. One staff may have different data and different reports than the next one.
  • Constant waste of source materials due to an inaccuracy on generating the right requirement of stock
  • Repeated failures in serving customers with the right solutions
  • Limited capital that needs professional handling
  • Delay in the submission of reports
  • Stagnation in sales and amount of revenue

What to expect from the ERP system

Newbie users of an ERP system experience hindrances when handling a newly installed software, or recent upgrades. An employee group with familiarity to a system that served the firm for ten years will experience problems when shifting to a more intelligent UI. 

Quality control features

  • Release and delivery of goods
  • Auditing and checking

Food safety compliance features

  • Allergen management
  • Quality hold management
  • Traceability of ingredients and recalls
  • Inventory of receipts for future referencing

Warehouse features

  • Expiration date records
  • Counting, picking, and packaging
  • Tracking
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Logistics planning
  • Site transfers
  • Product variabilities of weight, heights and other aspects

Manufacturing features

  • Batch and item production
  • BOM management
  • Capacity management
  • Production forecasting
  • Yield report generation

Others main features include sales, finance, and plant maintenance. You will have the choice of using the cloud, integrating mobile usage, and processing credit cards. The barcode scanner and electronic data interchange will ease the input of items and reduce the workload. We have over 8600 implementations across the world that receive the full-time support of our dedicated staff.

How to get the most from the food ERP system

Invest in training

This role is crucial in implementing an ERP system. Improperly trained employees are unable to execute more complex processes. This formula of working derails the firm’s performance and purchases the software insignificant for the long haul.

Delete the junk

The most efficient software or app will begin to show signs of lagging when you do not perform the right maintenance. It is a good idea to have the IT department of your firm to perform a daily, weekly, or monthly audit to remove unnecessary data.

Seek updates

Luckily, Columbus Global has you covered. Changes in recent upgrades have a massive difference in minute operations and the overall performance of the software. The future of ERP will include the Internet of Things, which is set to revolutionize the food manufacturing industry.


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