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Discover high-potential use cases in our explorative AI value workshop


Navigating the world of AI can be overwhelming, especially when trying to identify where to begin, which AI opportunities hold the most promise and how to kickstart the successful value realization of AI.

We offer a 2-day AI value workshop designed to address these challenges head-on. The workshop is designed to be a exploring collaboration, where your business goals meet our consultants' industrial and technology expertise to uncover AI opportunities.

About the AI value workshop:

The workshop include the following steps:

  1. Understanding and discovering the AI potential
    Every business is unique, and so are the AI opportunities within them. Our experts will collaborate closely with your team to uncover the AI potential within your operations, enabling you to recognize the opportunities that AI can offer. The workshop can serve as a learning session, during which we can introduce your team to a spectrum of AI technologies, ensuring that everyone starts from the same foundation. 

  2. Assigning tangible values to business cases 
    Once we have explored and identified potential AI use cases for your business, the next step involves evaluating their potential to generate significant value and align with your business's KPIs.

  3. Prioritizing promising AI use cases 
    Not all AI projects are equal. Together, we will construct a value-effort map to categorize and group identified AI use cases. This assessment will consider the effort required for development and implementation as well as the value these solutions bring to your organization. Through this process, you will be able to identify and prioritize high-potential AI opportunities that can lead to impactful outcomes, including AI use cases suitable for near-future implementation.

Next step

Our workshop will most probably provide you with new perspectives, insights and competence to continuously assess opportunities in your business. Additionally, the workshop results in a value-effort map to help you navigate these challenges, ensuring a smooth and successful start to your AI effort.

After the workshop, the next step involves assessing the most promising use cases through a feasibility study and crafting a customized roadmap, considering your organization's goals, resources, and challenges.

Columbus AI Innovation Lab
We developed the Columbus AI Innovation Lab to support businesses through their digital planning and execution and to help you make artificial intelligence work for your business. The AI value workshop is the first step in the Columbus AI Innovation Lab process, which is an approach to both start and accelerate the value realization of AI in your business.

Our experienced team is ready to guide you at any stage of your AI strategy and execution. Whether you are at the beginning of AI adoption, implementing an AI project, or would like to optimize AI projects within your organization, reach out to discuss how we can support you. 

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Magnus Glader

Magnus Glader

Digital Advisor

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