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Realizing new value and aligning mindsets ahead of an ERP project

Weetabix wanted to upgrade their existing ERP system but wanted to understand what the shift would mean for the business and if it was even the right approach in the first place.

As Weetabix's existing ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012) was reaching end of life, it was time for an upgrade. The UK's leading breakfast cereal manufacturer wanted to move to Dynamics 365 and they had specific outcomes they wanted from their ERP project, including:

  • Improved business-wide engagement and user buy-in
  • Improved ERP implementation processes
  • A structured training schedule
  • Gaining the benefits and outcomes they hoped to achieve from the implementation

They also wanted to:

  • Revisit and re-map their business processes
  • Look at the value the business needed today
  • Better understand the value they could gain from implementing a new ERP system afresh

So, not only did Weetabix need the Advanced Migration Assessment, they also needed our help in discovering the value they could realize from their re-implementation.


“It was great because it felt like we were working in partnership throughout the project. We were always focused on value and business outcomes, not just technology.”

Alan Potter, Head of Digital Transformation at Weetabix


By following our Value First approach, Columbus helped Weetabix better envision what they needed, understand the value and structure of the most appropriate solutions, and benefit from an engaging value proposition.

Want to read more about how we applied our Value First approach and the benefits Weetabix saw as a result? Click the button below to download the full case study.

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