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Columbus enables strategic business decision making at AB Rokiškio Sūris with Microsoft Power BI implementation

Client Information

The client is a dairy products group in the Baltic region, AB Rokiškio sūris, founded in 1992. The 100+ million Euro AB Rokiškio Sūris group consists of four companies: UAB Rokiškio, UAB Rokiškio, and Latvian companies SIA Jekabpils Piena Kombinats and Sia Kaunata.

Executive Summary

The company set the following goals for the implementation of the analytical system:

  • To receive timely and reliable information about the company’s performance indicators
  • To have detailed and fully automated sales analytics and the ability to model sales forecasts
  • To analyze in detail the efficiency of milk purchasing activities using Power BI milk purchase reports

Columbus Solution

AB Rokiškio sūris has implemented standard Power BI Sales, Purchases, Inventories, Finances, and Receivables analytics reports developed by Columbus. We created milk purchase reports for the company’s NAV module, enabling analysis and comparison of invoices and waybills in terms of quantity and value. Post-implementation, we provided the training to users and system administrators for improved usage, and shareability of the Power BI reports.

Project results

The Microsoft Power BI analytics solution enabled AB Rokiškio sūris to:

  • Obtain data from one or several companies of the group for analysis
  • Provide unanimous information to all associated users
  • Save time as the reports are independent of Excel
  • Make strategic decisions quickly and efficiently based on the indicators calculated in the reports

Customer feedback

Employees Antanas Kavaliauskas, Chief Financial Officer at UAB AB Rokiškio sūris
Challenges Need for fast and reliable access to the current company information
Results after the implementation The company can obtain much of the business data conveniently post-implementation. It is also easy to export it to Excel for further analysis.
About cooperation with Columbus Columbus has been our long-term partner, and the team is professional in answering all our inquiries and concerns.
Recommendation A professional team that understands our business needs and provides a strategic approach to addressing them.


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