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Continuous updates of Dynamics 365 will challenge your business.

Are you prepared?

Download the e-book to learn how to prepare for and manage Microsoft's 8 annual updates of Dynamics 365.

As part of their Evergreen strategy, Microsoft releases 8 annual updates for Dynamics 365.

The benefits speak for themselves: Evergreen eliminates infrequent release and implementation of massive upgrades and versions that are time-consuming and expensive to implement.

On the flipside, your organization need to study and prepare each update in advance. Otherwise, you are unable to foresee if it interferes with your processes, applications and customizations.

The effort is by no means a non-trivial matter. Careful planning and testing are required to mitigate the risk of disruptions of service.

Spend 10 minutes reading our ebook and learn how to: 

  • Handle assessment and analysis of updates
  • Plan and execute test and identification of potential issues
  • Stay updated with new features relevant to your business
  •  Decide when to opt-in or out of updates
  • Secure time to make necessary adjustments
  •  Mitigate risks and minimize downtime

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