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About Hyperion

Hyperion is a global materials technology for the day that focuses on hard and super hard materials, with over 60 days of cemented carbide, diamond and cube of boron nitride. The company specializes in premium base materials, components for tool manufacturing, mechanically manufactured products and process tools and tanning for the most demanding applications. With over 1,600 employees, Hyperion leaves a global production footprint and has sales in over 70 countries.

Quick facts

  • Hyperion Materials & Technology was facing a complex global cut, with 1600 employees in 18 countries, 9 production facilities for sale in 70, also all needed to be clear on 18 month.
  • Hyperion could have chosen to go to Infor's clouds, but needed to reduce the quality and get a better cot role. Therefore, they chose Amazon Web Services as the cloud partner for all systems.
  • "We will continue to generate value for the business long after the project is over."



Hyperion Materials & Technology, formerly part of Sandvik AB, was in July 2018 acquired by the US-based investment firm KKR. HMT was facing a complex global carve-out, with 1,600 employees in 18 countries, 9 production facilities, sales in 70 countries and that had to be completed in 18 months. The carve-out required a standup of an entirely new IT landscape, new network, computers and systems, with the execution of over hundred different IT projects and a global ERP launch.

A bold cloud decision that set the tone

This called for a bold and innovative approach, and that is exactly what Hyperion CIO Johan Hagström did with a key decision to set the tone:


“As we started the IT program planning, I quickly decided this was a unique opportunity of removing old technical debt and ensure a secure modern and agile IT landscape. The overall ambition of the “lift and shift” program was always cloud first and a migration to the latest versions and technologies.


For our M3 lift & Shift, one path could have been to migrate our ERP system, Infor’s M3, to the Infor cloud. But as we had many other applications and many were integrated with our ERP system and as wanted to reduce overall complexity and ensure better control, we asked, why can’t we just consolidate everything in a private cloud environment? This would improve security, flexibility, agility and control, which are all key for streamlining and harmonizing processes across a multinational business like ours. As a result, we finally chose Elastic Move and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our cloud partner for all systems and Columbus for migrating and implementing M3 and all associated applications like Medius and Novacura” says Johan Hagström.


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The secret to success for the project team

Columbus was already involved in providing services to Hyperion including the Infor M3 ERP system, CRM systems, Medius, Novacura and AMS. As a strategic partner, Columbus was a natural and important part of the project team that was tasked with implementing the global rollout.


Johan Fahlvik, Senior Project Manager at Columbus, shares the key to success from down in the trenches working on the project team:


“Despite some differences in identify and affiliation, when many consultants came together to work on the Hyperion project, we were all Team Hyperion. We put away our individual business cards and seamlessly worked as a team to do our very best on this business-critical and time-sensitive project. And that was the secret to how we succeeded in consolidating 15 different M3 versions into one and managing the 52 projects and 2,000 test cases we had running in parallel – all within a short period of time,” says Fahlvik.

High marks from users

In response to a survey, a majority of users rated the project very successful or successful overall, 65% considered the project’s disruption to the business minimal and key users hailed it as a “highly professional project” states Hyperion M3 program manager, Peder Eriksson. 


“This was not only a technology project and, although absolutely crucial, the goal was not only to complete it spending the right amount of time and money. We also wanted to empower our 600 number of users across the world to work more efficiently and effectively. And that meant putting the user experience front and center. With great care taken not to disrupt operations, a simplified system architecture and strategic user training supported by Columbus, our users were wowed, and the survey results speak for themselves. Our rigorous preparation and detailed testing were a key success factor. ” says Eriksson.

An on-time and on-budget rollout with lasting value

With a clear project structure, including the project model, testing framework, status updates, and budget and cost structures, in place before the start of the project, the global rollout was highly successful. It was completed both on time and on budget in December 2019 – a great accomplishment considering the scale and deadline. But that’s not the end of the line.


“Business value will continue to be generated long after the end of the project. For instance, we now have a true common business platform and solid technology foundation to support future innovation, data-driven decision making and more agile business models. On top of that, the more efficient organization of our IT architecture significantly reduces our IT maintenance costs,” says Hagström. 

Johan Falvik

Senior M3 Consultant and Project Manager

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