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Digital transformation for a better tomorrow 

A major issue with alternative energy sources, especially solar power, is storing and managing it effectively. As the energy generation is not continuous, there is a challenge to store, predict both generation and usage, and efficiently manage the distribution.

In partnership with BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) Columbus developed a digital data platform. The project is funded by Nordic Innovation, in collaboration with the Danish Embassy, with the purpose of optimizing the storage and distribution of alternative energy sources.

The platform will help BYPL manage energy resources in Delhi. The implementation of the digital platform is based on a pilot project, where digital technology supported by data and AI will help promote the path towards sustainable renewable energy.

About BSES Yamuna Power Limited and Nordic Innovation

BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) is a joint venture between Reliance Infrastructure Limited and the Government of National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi. BYPL supplies electricity to around 1.8 million consumers in East and Central Delhi. 

Nordic Innovation provides support for projects and programs to stimulate innovation. In order to address the rapid urbanization, Nordic Innovation and the Nordic Council of Ministers have launched several initiatives on how to tackle the concept of developing sustainable cities.

In 2021, India and Denmark signed a Green Strategic Partnership. Both countries have ambitious goals within their climate agendas. India is the world’s third largest CO2 emitter and by 2030, the country is expected to have doubled its carbon emissions. Denmark has an ambition to reduce CO2 emissions to 70% by 2030 and aims to undertake international leadership on Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7) on affordable and clean energy.



“BYPL is excited to be a frontrunner in bringing the latest advances in distributed energy resources management for a sustainable green tomorrow. Association digital partners like Columbus will help BYPL in digital transformation and enhanced consumer experience.”
BSES Yamuna Power Limited

How does the digital data platform work?

The digital data platform determines the best way to distribute generated energy by analyzing data from energy sources and utilization areas. With near real-time data, management can also make timely and informed decisions to optimize their energy utilization and store any excess power generated.


As part of the pilot project, data from multiple vectors has been processed in real time, to generate dashboards and decisions on:

  • Distributing the energy to EV charging stations
  • Charging and discharging the batteries
  • Distributing the energy to the power grid
  • Extracting the energy from the power grid

Using AI and data science techniques, it's possible to predict the demand for energy at various energy vectors and power generation. Based on these predictions, an accurate pre agreement can be made. The digital data platform can present this data to distribution network operators and planners in a consistent and user-friendly manner. Using advanced statistical and power system analysis techniques, data and analytics platforms can provide a more accurate modelling of new network components.



What are the business benefits?

Business benefits can be gained by using the personalized digital data platform and include:

  • Automation
    Automatic triggering of the energy flow based on the analytical inputs and predefined rules based on real-time data
  • Increased Efficiency
    By combining automation with AI, management can access accurate data that helps them make informed decisions
  • Empowered with Analytics
    Gain insights into energy transmission through analytical dashboards and reports
  • Enabled Forecast
    Understand future periods' demand, frequency, and price detail with the machine learning algorithm based forecast
  • Improved Accessibility
    Analytical reports and meaningful dashboards can be accessed anytime and on any device

The data platform shifts the decision making and operations of utilities from reactive and proactive (routine) to predictive and prescriptive. As more and more data is processed through AI and machine learning (ML) models, utilities can gain deeper, accurate, and real-time / near real time insights on network, assets, incidents, consumers, and deregulated environments. Costs and risks will also be reduced.


Additionally, persona-based reporting and visualization will help improve productivity. By increasing efficiency and accuracy, enhancing asset performance, and reducing rework costs, the integrated data analytics platform can add significant value to electric utilities.

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“As part of the Nordic Innovation Project, we at the Danish embassy are delighted at the outcome of the collaboration along with Columbus and BYPL to the right application of digital solutions to the real problems. It is a significant step toward our efforts of mitigating climate change. This success is a testament to what we can achieve with collective efforts. We are confident it will encourage others to adopt digital solutions for a cleaner, better and sustainable future.”

Freddy Svane - Danish Ambassador to India

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