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Reduce Customer Retention with our best-in-class Customer Churn Solution

Tap into these incredible benefits with our best-in-class solution, which provides:

  • A targeted retention strategy with the help of our Machine Learning model
  • Your customer's personal and historical data to predict the probability of customer churn within a given period

The Machine Learning model is trained and integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM system using Azure services, making the predicted churn probabilities available for business processes and teams.

  • Get similar integrations for your business applications to achieve a flexible and scalable end-to-end solution.


Or how about leveraging this tool to help your CRM team:

  • Get predictive analysis of customer churns
  • Develop retention strategies
  • Provide customer-specific discounts and offers
  • Prevent customers from potentially churning

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Swamycharan Avunooru

Head of Service Development and Head of Consultancy, Data & Analytics

Contact Swamycharan: kontakt.dk@columbusglobal.com

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