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How does a CRM system fit into your ERP puzzle?

If you want to maximise the ROI of your ERP system, look at how you can create one source of data truth. 

A CRM system consolidates data into one location. So does an ERP system. Does that mean they do the same thing and thus, you only need to invest in one? No and no! A CRM system handles your front office processes while your ERP takes care of the back. Not only do you need both systems, you need a seamless CRM-ERP integration for maximum productivity.

In our guide, we discuss how a CRM system fits into the bigger ERP picture. Download the guide to learn:

  • How a CRM system boosts customer engagement and drives sales
  • How an ERP system boosts process efficiency and reduces costs
  • The benefits of a CRM-ERP integration
  • The steps to system integration success

Grab your copy of the guide below.

Download the guide

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