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It's time to give your fashion
business the full cloud experience

While you might be debating whether the cloud is for you, here are 6 compelling reasons highlighting the strategic impact that the ERP-system M3 CloudSuite Fashion will have on your fashion brand.

In today’s fast-moving, increasingly competitive, and quickly changing fashion industry, good enough is no longer good enough to run your business efficiently. Today’s fashion brands need complete enterprise-wide visibility and the ability to collaborate across their entire value chain. Also, a modern retail brand needs the agility to quickly respond to changing consumer behaviors and new industry dynamics while still managing to grow the business and take advantage of new business opportunities.







Our configurable ERP-solution M3 CloudSuite Fashion is the perfect fit for your fashion industry’s specific needs. It helps you turn challenges into channels of transformation, offering you the flexibility you need to expand in the rapidly evolving fashion landscape. The future belongs to those who can observe and adapt to shifting buyer behaviors, regulatory changes and growing numbers of market channels by gaining a competitive edge that helps to assure your future business success.

Here are six benefits that you can enjoy from shifting to cloud technology and a more data-driven mindset across your business

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The benefits you will find:

  1. Improved customer service & communication
  2. Supply chain visibility
  3. Useful business insights, reliability & security
  4. Innovation of new products




1)  Improved Customer Service

All fashion retailers want their customers to be satisfied, presenting offers and values that they know will become popular among their consumers. M3 CloudSuite Fashion can provide exactly this, with a cloud retail management system, you will get customer insights that will help you create more personalized offerings and targeted services. Furthermore, as many of your services will become automated, you will have plenty of time to spend on your customer service.

2)  Supply Chain Visibility

With M3 CloudSuite Fashion, your retail business will also get better supply chain visibility. You can easily manage your storage from anywhere with a cloud PO, and you do not have to worry about stock-outs. A better supply chain visibility lets you make informed decisions regarding your business in a more cost-efficient way.

3)  Improved Communication

Your business cannot run without adequate communication, and as a retailer you might have experienced struggles with handling communication, both externally and internally. With M3 CloudSuite Fashion you can easily maintain and bridge strong communication between your staff and customers. Should a customer have a certain complaint, your team will be better able to assist them.

4)  Useful Business Insights

As a fashion retail business, you might generate a lot of data. This data is fragmented across various IT systems in the absence of a cloud system, which makes it challenging to gather strategic insights. With M3 CloudSuite Fashion, you are able not just to store data in one place but also to gather insights from it as well. Allowing you to see just how your business is performing, where you’re lacking, and how much you would need to become more successful in your endeavors.

5)  Reliability and Security

Retailers are often concerned about the security of their data, as well as the reliability of the cloud service they are scouting for. However, cloud technology incorporates high levels of security and backup procedures to prevent data breaches and are often more secure than your in-house servers. As a fact, most of today’s cloud POS systems have better reliability and provide availability 24/7. You will also get assistance in case of an issue from our skilled business consultants, ensuring to solve whatever problem you might be having.

6)  Innovation of New Products

Cloud systems offer data insights. With such insights, fashion retailers can recognize customer favorites and market trends that allow them to create, purchase and innovate new products. With in-depth knowledge due to analyzing data, you can create campaigns and sell products that you know that your customers will want the most.


So what's next?

We invite you to find out more about the importance of cloud-based & collaborative ecosystems  in our new industry guide.Download the Report

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